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Talking with young school leavers in small regional towns in Victoria

Last week I spoke with this impressive panel of ordinary extraordinary young people who were leaving or had left school in small towns in regional Victoria. While all knew finishing school was important (despite it still not being engaging for some), they had all also found other meaningful creative, community, leadership, technology activities outside it. They all talked about the critical importance of the one interested adult who had helped them connect their interests to opportunities. And they wished they had more creative and civic/political opportunities and work experience on offer. The North Central Local Learning and Employment Network and schools who hosted the event, help by funding an external careers advisor to work with every student over their final years to work out what they like doing, explore career options, and find out about other opportunities. But our communities and local governments could also do more to create opportunities for learning and leadership. These young people are enthusiastic and have fresh perspectives. But they also have the technology, social media, etc skills our regional businesses are crying out for. We should work out more ways to bring the two together. Thanks y.p. - very inspiring to meet you.

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